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About James

James Schroeder has been writing and telling stories since he was a young child. Even at a young age, he was rarely seen without a pencil and notebook in his hand, or his nose in a book. The allure of picking up a good book and not being captivated by its story is something that has always fascinated him about reading. James attended many classes in creative writing and film at Harper College and graduated with an Associates of Art. He is also currently a member of the Chicago Writers Association.

Before writing his first novel, The Devil You Know, James honed his skills by writing short stories in his spare time. He strives to make his stories and characters feel authentic through extensive research. James' writing incorporates elements of history, as well as themes found in mystery, romance and thriller novels.

This is demonstrated in his new series, "The Hill Files", which balances the genres of Detective Mystery and Historical Fiction while telling thrilling stories.

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