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Hello Readers,

I wanted to take the time to give you all an update on my next book. At the moment, I'm writing the first book in a spinoff series following Detective Clive Hill, a character from the pages of my first novel, "The Devil You Know". The story takes place in Chicago after Prohibition (1933-1934) and will feature a few familiar locations in the city.

Thus far, I've finished writing the first draft for chapters 1-12 of Book 1 of "the Hill Files" and am aiming for a total of 23-25 chapters. I have plans for at least 2 additional books in the series. Though I'm not ready to reveal the final title of this new book, I assure you that I plan to post it a few months before the book goes live (so stay tuned).

In addition to writing, I've entered "the Devil You Know" into two competitions: the Eric Hoffer Awards and the Shamus Awards. I look forward to hearing the final results this summer and will be sure to provide updates as I receive them.

Until next time, Keep Reading!

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